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On 5/5, S. Gaming Will Change Forever!

Become part of the social gaming revolution.

Wrestler: Unstoppable is gearing up to unveil its most significant features to burst onto the scene on 5/5, revolutionizing the Facebook gaming platform and paving a path to a new standard for interactivity.   Our internal team of tal...


Hardcore Items Have Arrived!

Hardcore items have hit the Wrestler Store!

You asked for it and we listened: Hardcore items have hit the Wrestler Store! From body scars to blunt objects, these items will surely plant fear deep into the spines of your opponents. Opt for the menacing sledgehammer, a deadly yet ele...


Did you know?

Interesting Facts

Did you know that we now have over 80 sea creatures in Ocean Kingdom?  Now you can dive down to the Twilight Zone where a new array of magical glowing creatures is available.